Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fill-in

1. Sundresses is/are my favorite summertime clothes.
2. My favorite John Hughes movies is Pretty in Pink.
3. My MAC brushes is/are something I love to touch.
4. The full moon was supposed to be out last night or tonight. (I can't remember when)
5. I'm at the doctor's office right now. (I'm annoyed to be here again!)
6. When daylight fades it's night time.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to movie night with Jas, tomorrow my plans include some tax-free shopping and Sunday, I want to go eat brunch!

Life has been strange this week. I have spent days at the doctor. I don't have any answers. And I am annoyed to no end. The only good thing that I see in my immediate future is the tax-free weekend. That and date night with Jas tonight. I haven't had to use any of my leave at work because they are installing a new AC unit. And the bank has been closed since Tuesday. We are supposed to re-open on next Wednesday. It's all good. Paid vacation. Because it is not our fault that the AC keeps breaking. That's it. I should go. I am waiting at the doctors. Maybe I will get some answers today. :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

What Happened Jr???

Lola and I decided to up our bet from last week. Whoever's driver finished better this week would get a good prize. Almost like double or nothing. On the line was dinner, a ice cream cake from Cold Stone, $25 gift card from Sephora, $25 gift card from MAC, and a mani-pedi. Oh dear! Racing Gods please help Dale Jr.

The weekend didn't start well. The rain came and qualifying was washed out. Things didn't look any better on Sunday. Unfortunately, the race was delayed until Monday. I set my Tivo Monday morning and went to work. I prayed that our weekly meeting would end quickly. And maybe just maybe, my client would cancel their appointment.

No such luck! But I had my computer on the leader board. And out of the corner of my eye, I was watching the live leader board. The race looked boring. And I later found out, it was boring. I skipped through Tivo tonight to watch the race highlights. Dale Jr. started P22 and finished the race P27. I'm not sure what happened there. He went from racing in the top 10 to P27 in just a handful of laps. Super G started P3 and finished P8.

I still don't know what happened. Here I was all excited that Jr. was doing well. Then he finished the race P27. Lols won the bet again. Jr. is now sitting P21 in the standings. Racing Gods.....are you out there? Do you remember Dale Jr? Can you throw him a bone? Please help him do well for the rest of the season. I've had fun with mine and Lols bets, but I think I am going to have to wait a few weeks to bet again. :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fill-in

1. It's time for a summer BBQ.
2. Lowe's; it's not a bad place for shopping.
3. I must be happy because I'm trying to be domestic.
4. Lipgloss is the best thing I have ever known.
5. My cooking is simply sad, but I'm trying.
6. The last time I laughed really loudly was this morning when I was talking to Mandy.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner with Jas, tomorrow my plans include shopping for babies and Sunday, I want to watch Dale Jr take the checkers! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Unexpected Vacation

OK people, hold on! Yes, it is me posting again this week. I know. But the AC at work went out again. They decided that we can't do our regular bank business. We have the next few days off. Yay! Paid vacation until next week. This girl couldn't ask for anything better!

What wise things have I done since noon when I left my office? I called Zio's and ordered lunch to-go. Went to the mall. Because who doesn't want to shop? Actually I had to stop by MAC and pick up some Fix+. Trolled by DQ and picked up an Orange Julius. Then went to Zio's to get my lunch. How about that? All in under 30min.

Then I made it home just in time to watch my favorite soap.....GH! Love me some GH! I secretly wish to be rich so I can afford a wardrobe like the stars. Lately Maxi has been wearing the best clothes ever! Ever! But what was up with all the purple today? I know that purple is all the rage this season. I even had a purple blouse on today. But every scene had 2-3 characters in purple. The color is pretty, but really what was up with all the purple? Peeps do you have any idea? I wish I knew.

I also sat my rear end down and started to watch last weeks episodes of GH. I had them Tivo'ed and hadn't watched them yet. I am so into this story plot. Spinelli and Maxi are too cute! What a couple! And I can't get over the set design lately. Inspiration for the house. Lols.....are you reading this? Inspiration for my house!!!

Sonny's kids are becoming ridiculous! I can't believe how they went from toddlers to teenagers in a month. What the heck happened? Kristina is getting on my last nerve. And I really don't like this new Michael. The red head was better. Poor little Morgan reminds me of a mini mobster kid that is always getting picked on. And I feel so bad for Claudia loosing her baby. Why couldn't it have been Carly? Whatever! I am cheering for the brunettes from now on.

The Rebecca character is just strange. I miss sweet Emily. I swear. GH killed all the good characters off at once. There was Emily, Georgie, and Courtney. I'm sure I am forgetting more. But those are the ones I miss! But I know this show will continue to change. I would like to see more of the Robin story line. And Sam's. I really like Sam. I hope her and Jason get back together. I am totally a Jasam fan!

Those are the productive thoughts going through my head. I have been home for hours. Yes hours! All I have done is put on my workout shorts. Yes people I still have my work blouse on with all my jewelry. The only skirt is on the floor, my shoes are next to it, and my hair is now in a messy bun. I did manage to eat lunch.....and a chocolate bar. I think I am also PMS-ing. Just by the simple fact that I have had 3 chocolate bars today alone! And I have watched 3 episodes of GH.

Jas will be home in a bit. The doggies are sleeping. And I am ready for a nap. What a vacation! Tomorrow looks more promising. Let's hope that it is more productive than this afternoon. I'm thinking Costco. I could get all domestic and make dinner for Jas. We'll see what tomorrow brings! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bachelorette Fashion Finds

So peeps.....I did it! I watched the finale to the Bachelorette. And I'm not sure why. I haven't watched a single episode. But I think I should have. The gals at work have been going on and on about Jillian and her fashion. But I was pretty tired of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series since no one ever gets married! Ever! Except Trista and Ryan. But Jillian's style rocks! Can her stylist become my new BFF?

I am watching. Not so much for the story line, but because I love her clothes. I have no clue what is really going on. Or who she should pick. But these leaf shaped earrings. OMG! Where can I find a pair? They are big and fun. I want a pair so bad!

Then the moment that everyone is waiting for. The final rose. And I can't stop looking at this gorgeous pink dress. I will sell my new TV for that dress! Yes, that pink gown!!! I want it so bad. Yet, I have no clue...absolutely no clue where to find it. I would actually get married in it. Forget about the white dresses that I have been looking at. I want THIS pink one!

Wouldn't you know it. The season that I don't watch happens to be the most stylish! I could kick myself. But I think it was a blessing. Because I could just see myself falling in love with all of Jillian's clothes and jewelry. Had this been a few years ago.....I would have nominated myself to be the next Bachelorette. Just for the clothes, shoes, and jewelry! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Can't the Guy catch a Break???

It's been a tough weekend for Dale Jr. The poor guy was sick as hell. But he qualified well. He qualified P3. It was looking like the team was making a turn for the better. In fact, today he was running good. Sitting in the top 10. Then at lap 127 he blew up. He didn't blow up, the engine in the AMP #88 blew up! Ended the day with a DNF. In P36. Yes, a DNF. Can't the guy catch a break?

In better news, JJ won the race. Super G kicked some butt and went from qualifying P22 to finishing the race P9. Yes, I lost the bet with Lola. But that's OK. I just want to have lunch with my friend. And Mark "The Kid" Martin ended his day in P2. I secretly wanted him to win after Jr's day was over. What can I say? But it was a pretty good day overall for the HMS camp. Racing Gods send Jr some luck. Pretty please! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Disappearing Blog

My big bro called me earlier. Wondering what the heck has happened to my blog. I have no clue! Bro talk to me. Heck I didn't even know you read my blog regularly! I guess not all of my posts are showing up. I don't know where to begin to fix this. Stay tuned and I will try to find out. Big bro, don't fret. I will fix my blog! :)

Tweet Tweet

I’m part of twitterland (as Lola calls it!) The tweepies are awesome! Lola convinced me to join when we talked the other day. I have been reading the NASCAR tweepies for a while now. They are funny.....and a nice way to look into their world. But I never thought of joining until now! Twitter is another way for me to try and keep in touch with my gal! I think it is addictive. It could be a bad thing. But I really, really, really like it! If you want to follow me, just take a look at my page. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fill-in

1. Exploding nail polish is not the end of the world.
2. Sitting here, listening to the sound of rain falling, I want to go to sleep. (Rain=good sleep!)
3. Chocolate cake tastes so good!
4. Sometimes, putting others first is really hard.
5. Jemez Springs is breathtaking, really.
6. Well, maybe there is more time to sleep this morning.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the big family dinner, tomorrow my plans include doing laundry and Sunday, I want to eat dinner outside!

Life is simple this week! Jas and I are going to a big family dinner tonight. EXCITED! Yes I am! My mom's enchiladas, Jas' mom's tortillas, sissy's cake, Ang's rice, and family time. I cannot wait! I don't have to work today. They are fixing the AC in our building. Yay! I might go to the mall. I want to look for some more "work" clothes. But I should really do some laundry. All of our clothes are dirty. No, seriously they are. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She Did It Again!!!

My little sis is preggers again! I am so excited. So I was told to wait a few days before I blogged about it. Sis I waited! I know mom and dad know I figure that everyone else knows too!

My sis and I met for brunch over the weekend. And she gave me the wonderful news. They are about 6 weeks preggers. Isn't that exciting? She is showing a lot sooner too! I had been wondering why in the world she had been sporting a jacket in the middle of summer. They are cute.....but it has been seriously hot outside! My little sis was just trying to hide the added pounds.

My precious goddaughter isn't even 9 months old yet! But my little sister and her man are the best parents ever! And they had been trying for another little one. I hadn't even known that. Little Sis, why didn't you tell me? But I am so excited about another little one!

Our family is just growing and growing! My big bro will have a little one at the beginning of February, my little sis is due on St. Patty's day! For those of you and Jas are not ready to start having babies of our own yet. Give us some time. Let us get married and then we'll talk. We love kids.....but we also love our life just the way it is. Congrats to my little sis and her ever growing family! :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New MAC Website

I really don't like the new MAC website. It is not as streamline or user friendly as the old site. I am really not happy about it either! I like to go dream at their website. But now I am just frustrated. How can shopping be fun if I can't stand the website? I am apparently not alone. Lots of MACaholics are not happy either! MAC are you listening? Change your website! Make us happy again! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fill-in

1. Hamburger Helper and salad in a bag make a quick and easy dinner. (Fast, not healthy!)
2. The Guy Not Taken is the book I'm reading right now. (Moni gave it to me!)
3. July brings back memories of the ice cream man and swimming as a kid. (The life!)
4. Enzo was obvious. (When it comes to Lola!)
5. They say if you tell your dreams they don't come true.
6. When I have a rude client, I need time to think it over. (They don't realize who aproves the loans!)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner at home, tomorrow my plans include watching a few baseball games and Sunday, I want to go eat brunch!

Enzo came to Burque for a visit. He is obvious! He misses Lola. In another life, would they have been together? IDK Lola has been MIA. I only know what's going on in her life because of her blog. I miss her too! I think we have finally settled on a date for the wedding. Jas will miss some baseball.....I will miss the All-Star race. But we will have each other! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy News

My big bro and I had lunch today. I felt like I was a teenager who's cool big bro was coming to pick me up from school. All the gals that I work with were excited to see him. My brother is just one of those cool guys. He has a swagger all of his own. It was a sudden lunch date with one of my favorite guys.

We ended up at Carrusso's.....our favorite italian place. It was nice to just sit and chat again. We hadn't done that in a while. He just seemed really happy. And then the big #3 is on the way!!! I was really excited. So much so that I squealed like a school girl. And dropped his iced tea. But I am going to be an auntie around February 4th.

My big bro and sis-in-law had a dinner for my parents and my sis-in-laws parents last night. All 4 grandparents are over the moon. The kids have known since Wednesday and have done a good job keeping the secret. But my big bro wanted to tell me. I felt really special. After that, I couldn't let him buy my lunch. But he wasn't having it. He paid for it anyway. So I bought him ice cream! I convinced him to take me to BR on the way back to work. We celebrated the good news over banana splits. That I bought!

Little sis found out later this afternoon. Our big bro stopped by to help her with her fan. It was falling off the ceiling! She was excited and almost immediately called me to tell me! It is a wonderful day. We all know that they wanted more kids. But they were having some problems getting preggers. My niece and nephew had been blessings.....thanks to modern medicine they came rather quickly. So this news was more than welcomed!

And to our surprise, Jas and I got 4.2 visitors ealier tonight. haha Baring a BR ice cream cake no less! They asked me and Jas to be the baby's godparents. We are so excited!!! Jas is already trolling the Baby-R-Us website for a crib and cradle. Hold on there.....we have until Feb! Congrats big bro and your family! You deserve all the wonderful things that life has to offer! :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

End of an Era

Gardunos is a favorite of ours. Jas and I like to meet there on Friday nights. Sometimes with family, friends, or just by ourselves. The gals and I used to meet for Happy Hour or dinner on Friday nights. We would hangout, eat, catch up with each others' lives, drink, and enjoy the mariachi. I became incredibly close to Lols because of Gardunos. She worked there for a long time. In the mariachi of course! And after she left the group, we would still meet on the occasional Friday night.

The gal pals and I liked to give Lols a hard time about a particular musician who worked there. No shittin' you. Every single solitary time he saw her parents, he would light up like a Christmas tree. He just knew she was close behind. Lols never believed us. But the truth was out there. He was so into her it wasn't even funny! Moni and I would snap pics of his rear then send them to her cell. I know she thought we were crazy. But we were trying to hook our gal up! Unfortunately it never worked.

But the memories are great! I can remember so many Happy Hours with us chatting about the new men in our lives. Maybe the newest and cutest shoes. Whatever we happened to be thinking. There was dancing with the mariachi. And the crazy fried ice cream!

But lately, Gardunos is taking a HUGE hit! Heck, we are not even sure if it is going to survive! It is one of those cornerstone local hangout places around here. But they are so far behind in taxes. They are probably going to be shut down. Or at least loose their liquor license.

The restaurant hasn't been the same for a couple of years now. No mariachi, no real fun! The memories and times we shared there will live on forever. I just hope that Gardunos is able to live past this summer. Here's to hoping our favorite hangout is still there when us gals get together again! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Day!!!

Happy Mom's Day to all the wonderful moms in my life!
My mom, she just makes me so happy! I am so privileged to be her daughter. Through it all, she has stood beside me, giving me a push when I needed, and a soft place to land when life got to be too much! I can only hope to be half the woman she is. Mom you have some big shoes for me to fill!
My little sis.....where do I begin? I can't believe you are already a mom! Yes, you are. And a great one at that! Girl, I am so proud of you. You cherish every last minute of today. It is your first mom's day!
Grams has to be the coolest lady on the block. She still rocks her red lipstick. My ever stylish Grams knows how to do it! There was never a time when she wouldn't let me get into her "beauty stash" or make a mess in the kitchen! What a strong lady!
Grandma I can't believe every thing you have taught me about life. About loving the minute you are in! You are my rock when I need it. And my biggest cheerleader in life!
"Mama" I have so much to thank you for. Jas.....just to begin with. You taught him how to be a gentleman and how to treat a woman. I will forever be grateful to you just for that. But then you spoil me with delicious food and so many things that make our life easier. I love you mom!
My 2 "grammies" who woulda thought! I got 2 beautiful and strong women in the deal. Jas is lucky to have you in his life.....and so am I! I can't wait to spend more time with you. To learn new things about life. And just enjoy some stories.
My wonderful sisters-in-law (or soon to be's) I love you gals! I do! Each one of you make my life better. Ang, I just knew from the very first time Paul brought you were part of our crazy family! I'm glad you fell for my silly bro! But I really do love all of you so much!
And to the rest of the women in my life (friends and family).....thank you. Thank you for showing me the grace that you live by. My life is so full of life and love because of you! Living life the way you do makes me feel incredibly special!
So here are a few reasons why today is special. I kinda stole this from Lols. She actually wrote a letter for each of the wonderful women in her life. And the posted them on her blog. It made me cry. And I thought, I should tell each of my amazing "moms" thank you too!
Jas and I are going to church. Then to brunch with our families. After that, he is going golfing so all the wonderful women in our lives can enjoy some treats at our house! I can't wait to spoil every single one of you! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

It's that time again peeps! It's Cinco de Mayo! I always think about Jose Cuervo on cinco. The 2 just go together like bacon and eggs. There is absolutely no reason at all. Just me thinking they go together. Today is a day to enjoy a margarita.....ora straight shot. Your choice!

Jas and I took the day off today.....and tomorrow. Why? To go to the LC. A friend of a friend is having a Cinco party. Nothing crazy peeps. Just a family friendly get-together. Most of the people going are mariachi musicians. One of the guys has a little girl that does folklorico dancing. All the little girls are going to dance. It should be fun! And we are excited to just get out of Burque for a day. Have some fun today.....but don't drink and drive! Bottoms up! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Official!!!

We officially set our wedding date.....May 15, 2010. Yes, it is official! And we are not changing it again...ever!
Jas and I have completed our pre-cana...and we are on the same page. Expect us to have 3 kids, have joint finances with each of us having a small account to play with, 4 dogs, 2 cars, have a priority of paying off our house before we are 50, to save for big expenses, to take some kind of family vacation every 2 years, to go to church weekly, have fun camping adventures, to save 10% of our income for our retirement, for me to stop working when we have kids, for me to start working when our kids are 5, to love and support each others decisions, and to love one another until we are old and gray!
It has taken Jas and us a while to get here. To get to the point of us going to the printers today to have our save the date cards printed. We have done things a little backwards. But we love each other. And all of these hurdles are going to make our special day that much more special. It will also allow us to love each other until the end of time. Don't forget.....May 15, 2010. See you then. Jas will be in a tux and I will have the big white dress on! :)

It's My 1st Blog-iversary!!!

Can you believe that we made it to 1 year peeps? Craziness!!! I actually kept my blog up. You kept reading. This is a good thing! I would like to thank Lols for inspiring me to start my blog.....and for keeping me motivated when I didn't know what to post. This has been a fun year. I'm already excited about our 2nd year together. The posts about makeup, NASCAR, and good times! Thanks for reading and keeping up with me. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Surprising New Favorite

One of my favorite items from our Vegas trip NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss. I never could understand what all the fuss was about. This is one of Lols favorite lipglosses ever! And that could be an understatement. While my sister and I shopped, I kept thinking about this lipgloss. It is not a power house for color. It just polishes up your lips. Lols has gorgeous lips that are heavily and nautrally pigmented. Colors always look so different on her. This color makes her lips just glow. I was a little nervous about buying it. My sis finally convinced me to take the plunge! But after I wore it today, I realized that it is my new love! I could actually love it more than MAC lipgloss! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don't Shake the Bottle

I am a HUGE fan of nail polish!!! Love it to the ends of the earth. Pink nail polish sends me over the edge. I'm not joking! I have been polishing my nails since I was 10. I'm not counting the nail polish I had when I was 5. The kind you got with those cheesy plastic kid makeup kits. (I loved it when I was 5 though!) Or when my grandma would paint my nails. (That was our secret too!) No I am not counting that. Just counting since I got to buy the nail polish of my choice and would paint my own nails. My mom was not happy. But we agreed on nail polish instead of makeup. When I was 15, I started going for manicures and pedicures. Not regularly, but often enough to love it! Every single darn time, I pick my polish. Then I sit and shake it. Every single time the lady gets mad at me. It usually ends in her telling me.....Don't shake the bottle. I still haven't learned. I know it causes air bubbles and all that. But it is a bad habit. :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Girl Time

Avs, Moni, and me went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic tonight! Greatest gal pal movie! It was very untypical to have a girl's night on a Thursday. But sometimes it happens. Tonight was a good one. It started with dinner at Garduno's, a quick shopping trip to MAC, the movie, and a drink back at Garduno's. I know. We are crazy! But this is one of those movies to go see with all of your gal pals. I am a fan of the books. The movie is just fun and it leaves you with a smile. Now my belly's full, I have some new lipgloss, and I am ready for bed. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Most Popular Driver

For those fans of you vote for the MPD award? I was wondering. In Feb '07 I became a NASCAR fan. Because of Littlebit. I found the MPD site shortly after that. I have voted regularly since then. All season long I vote for Dale Jr. I am religious about it. Jr is the reigning MPD winner. But how many people vote for this? Do people outside of Jr Nation vote? Littlebit votes. I'm assuming for Super G.....her driver. She will never tell though. But I don't think she is as religious about voting as I am. If you want to vote.....visit the website. You can vote for any of the Sprint Cup drivers. You vote once a day from Feb-Nov. They announce the winner in Dec. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back on Infield Parking

Yes, I am back on Infield Parking! Come visit my parking space. This is a fun place to meet other NASCAR peeps! I got into the site last May.....I think. But it is a place to just meet up with other fans of NASCAR. The site was down for a while. They revamped it. It is not the same, but it is still a good place to hangout. Dale Jr has a page too! He used to maintain his own page before the site was revamped. But now JRM does. I hope that it will stay fun. Jr used to post blogs and pictures. He even had a playlist of music. So I am hoping that he will do that again. It was nice to see another side of Jr. But you can join groups and stuff. Not everything is about NASCAR. I haven't been on in I need to search out some of the friends I had made! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My $1 Lipgloss!!!

Lols and I saw Revlon's limited addition line back in June. We had made a quick stop at Wally World and got distracted in the makeup section. So us! I liked the tub-like lipglosses. Lols was fascinated with the line in general. I will say, some of those blushes were nice too! They reminded me of the Estee Lauder ones that were all the buzz last summer. But they were a little on the pricey side for a drugstore brand. So I passed on my lipgloss. About a month later, Lols lucked out. She found the line on clearance at K-Mart. She bought up her favorites. And now I just had to have my lipgloss! I couldn't find it anywhere. I searched at Walgreens, Wally World, K-Mart, Target, anywhere that sells makeup. Then I get a call from Lols. Low and behold. She found these little lipglosses at the Dollar Store. More specifically.....The Dollar Tree. Yes peeps.....The Dollar Tree! During my lunch break today, I went to The Dollar Tree. I bought 10.....yes 10! For what they originally cost at the store, I was able to buy 10! They are moisturizing, have a good color payoff, and are just perfect to throw in your purse! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Lipstick Jungle is a show that I love beyond words. Luv this show! Lola first told me about it. She raved about it.....and I just had to watch it! The characters are incredible. There has to be something said for the network shows that are made for women. This was one of those shows. To the point that the gal pals and I would get together to watch it. We would do the whole dinner and drinks at someone's house. The whole works. A few times we gave each other mani-pedis while watching.
This was that kind of show. There are not many out there that are made for women. But this one was! Now peeps, it is cancelled! How could NBC do that? There are all kinds of unanswered questions. All kinds of things that will never be answered. And my Friday nights will never be the same.
Do networks actually look at their audience when making these decisions? There have been so many good shows that have been cancelled lately. Hello peeps! The writers strike. You need to give people some time to come back to their regular TV watching. I think I am going to boycott my NBC tv watching now! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For Audrey

How do you brighten up a cold winter day? Paint your nails "For Audrey!" I am being completely serious here peeps! I have been eyeing this color forever. Really! For months I have been wanting it. The first time I seen it, Lols had her nails painted this adorable color! I just had to have it. But somehow every time I go to Sally's I forget to buy it! When I got the mail yesterday I was too excited for words! Lols sent me a bottle of "For Audrey!" Girly I luv you! It definitely brightened up my Tuesday night. The actual formulation is gorgeous too! 2 coats and you will be in a winter wonderland! :)