Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don't Shake the Bottle

I am a HUGE fan of nail polish!!! Love it to the ends of the earth. Pink nail polish sends me over the edge. I'm not joking! I have been polishing my nails since I was 10. I'm not counting the nail polish I had when I was 5. The kind you got with those cheesy plastic kid makeup kits. (I loved it when I was 5 though!) Or when my grandma would paint my nails. (That was our secret too!) No I am not counting that. Just counting since I got to buy the nail polish of my choice and would paint my own nails. My mom was not happy. But we agreed on nail polish instead of makeup. When I was 15, I started going for manicures and pedicures. Not regularly, but often enough to love it! Every single darn time, I pick my polish. Then I sit and shake it. Every single time the lady gets mad at me. It usually ends in her telling me.....Don't shake the bottle. I still haven't learned. I know it causes air bubbles and all that. But it is a bad habit. :)