Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Guy Did It!!!

Dale Jr. broke his 76 race winless streak and won the Lifelock 400 today!!! Jr Nation.....we all knew he could do it! It was the most amazing thing ever!

He crossed the finish line on fumes. But he was first and that is all that counts! Jr radioed his crew to let them know he was out of gas as he won the race. They were more than happy to push him to Victory Lane!

He was showered as he got out of the AMP #88!

Look at how excited Jr is!

And up close! Can anyone smile bigger?
Look at how proud our driver is! Congrats to Dale Jr. and the entire #88 crew!

Our boy did it! Jr Nation had the faith that he could get it done. I don' t care that it was a fuel mileage win. Peeps it was a win! I still cannot get over how excited he is! Jas thought I was a nut as I sat and watched the last 10 laps or so. Then danced around as he crossed the start-finish. But I am a proud Jr fan! Through it matter what happens Jr will be my #1 driver. Congrats on your win! :)