Monday, June 29, 2009

End of an Era

Gardunos is a favorite of ours. Jas and I like to meet there on Friday nights. Sometimes with family, friends, or just by ourselves. The gals and I used to meet for Happy Hour or dinner on Friday nights. We would hangout, eat, catch up with each others' lives, drink, and enjoy the mariachi. I became incredibly close to Lols because of Gardunos. She worked there for a long time. In the mariachi of course! And after she left the group, we would still meet on the occasional Friday night.

The gal pals and I liked to give Lols a hard time about a particular musician who worked there. No shittin' you. Every single solitary time he saw her parents, he would light up like a Christmas tree. He just knew she was close behind. Lols never believed us. But the truth was out there. He was so into her it wasn't even funny! Moni and I would snap pics of his rear then send them to her cell. I know she thought we were crazy. But we were trying to hook our gal up! Unfortunately it never worked.

But the memories are great! I can remember so many Happy Hours with us chatting about the new men in our lives. Maybe the newest and cutest shoes. Whatever we happened to be thinking. There was dancing with the mariachi. And the crazy fried ice cream!

But lately, Gardunos is taking a HUGE hit! Heck, we are not even sure if it is going to survive! It is one of those cornerstone local hangout places around here. But they are so far behind in taxes. They are probably going to be shut down. Or at least loose their liquor license.

The restaurant hasn't been the same for a couple of years now. No mariachi, no real fun! The memories and times we shared there will live on forever. I just hope that Gardunos is able to live past this summer. Here's to hoping our favorite hangout is still there when us gals get together again! :)