Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Day!!!

Happy Mom's Day to all the wonderful moms in my life!
My mom, she just makes me so happy! I am so privileged to be her daughter. Through it all, she has stood beside me, giving me a push when I needed, and a soft place to land when life got to be too much! I can only hope to be half the woman she is. Mom you have some big shoes for me to fill!
My little sis.....where do I begin? I can't believe you are already a mom! Yes, you are. And a great one at that! Girl, I am so proud of you. You cherish every last minute of today. It is your first mom's day!
Grams has to be the coolest lady on the block. She still rocks her red lipstick. My ever stylish Grams knows how to do it! There was never a time when she wouldn't let me get into her "beauty stash" or make a mess in the kitchen! What a strong lady!
Grandma I can't believe every thing you have taught me about life. About loving the minute you are in! You are my rock when I need it. And my biggest cheerleader in life!
"Mama" I have so much to thank you for. Jas.....just to begin with. You taught him how to be a gentleman and how to treat a woman. I will forever be grateful to you just for that. But then you spoil me with delicious food and so many things that make our life easier. I love you mom!
My 2 "grammies" who woulda thought! I got 2 beautiful and strong women in the deal. Jas is lucky to have you in his life.....and so am I! I can't wait to spend more time with you. To learn new things about life. And just enjoy some stories.
My wonderful sisters-in-law (or soon to be's) I love you gals! I do! Each one of you make my life better. Ang, I just knew from the very first time Paul brought you were part of our crazy family! I'm glad you fell for my silly bro! But I really do love all of you so much!
And to the rest of the women in my life (friends and family).....thank you. Thank you for showing me the grace that you live by. My life is so full of life and love because of you! Living life the way you do makes me feel incredibly special!
So here are a few reasons why today is special. I kinda stole this from Lols. She actually wrote a letter for each of the wonderful women in her life. And the posted them on her blog. It made me cry. And I thought, I should tell each of my amazing "moms" thank you too!
Jas and I are going to church. Then to brunch with our families. After that, he is going golfing so all the wonderful women in our lives can enjoy some treats at our house! I can't wait to spoil every single one of you! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

It's that time again peeps! It's Cinco de Mayo! I always think about Jose Cuervo on cinco. The 2 just go together like bacon and eggs. There is absolutely no reason at all. Just me thinking they go together. Today is a day to enjoy a margarita.....ora straight shot. Your choice!

Jas and I took the day off today.....and tomorrow. Why? To go to the LC. A friend of a friend is having a Cinco party. Nothing crazy peeps. Just a family friendly get-together. Most of the people going are mariachi musicians. One of the guys has a little girl that does folklorico dancing. All the little girls are going to dance. It should be fun! And we are excited to just get out of Burque for a day. Have some fun today.....but don't drink and drive! Bottoms up! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Official!!!

We officially set our wedding date.....May 15, 2010. Yes, it is official! And we are not changing it again...ever!
Jas and I have completed our pre-cana...and we are on the same page. Expect us to have 3 kids, have joint finances with each of us having a small account to play with, 4 dogs, 2 cars, have a priority of paying off our house before we are 50, to save for big expenses, to take some kind of family vacation every 2 years, to go to church weekly, have fun camping adventures, to save 10% of our income for our retirement, for me to stop working when we have kids, for me to start working when our kids are 5, to love and support each others decisions, and to love one another until we are old and gray!
It has taken Jas and us a while to get here. To get to the point of us going to the printers today to have our save the date cards printed. We have done things a little backwards. But we love each other. And all of these hurdles are going to make our special day that much more special. It will also allow us to love each other until the end of time. Don't forget.....May 15, 2010. See you then. Jas will be in a tux and I will have the big white dress on! :)

It's My 1st Blog-iversary!!!

Can you believe that we made it to 1 year peeps? Craziness!!! I actually kept my blog up. You kept reading. This is a good thing! I would like to thank Lols for inspiring me to start my blog.....and for keeping me motivated when I didn't know what to post. This has been a fun year. I'm already excited about our 2nd year together. The posts about makeup, NASCAR, and good times! Thanks for reading and keeping up with me. :)