Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Official!!!

We officially set our wedding date.....May 15, 2010. Yes, it is official! And we are not changing it again...ever!
Jas and I have completed our pre-cana...and we are on the same page. Expect us to have 3 kids, have joint finances with each of us having a small account to play with, 4 dogs, 2 cars, have a priority of paying off our house before we are 50, to save for big expenses, to take some kind of family vacation every 2 years, to go to church weekly, have fun camping adventures, to save 10% of our income for our retirement, for me to stop working when we have kids, for me to start working when our kids are 5, to love and support each others decisions, and to love one another until we are old and gray!
It has taken Jas and us a while to get here. To get to the point of us going to the printers today to have our save the date cards printed. We have done things a little backwards. But we love each other. And all of these hurdles are going to make our special day that much more special. It will also allow us to love each other until the end of time. Don't forget.....May 15, 2010. See you then. Jas will be in a tux and I will have the big white dress on! :)