Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

It's that time again peeps! It's Cinco de Mayo! I always think about Jose Cuervo on cinco. The 2 just go together like bacon and eggs. There is absolutely no reason at all. Just me thinking they go together. Today is a day to enjoy a margarita.....ora straight shot. Your choice!

Jas and I took the day off today.....and tomorrow. Why? To go to the LC. A friend of a friend is having a Cinco party. Nothing crazy peeps. Just a family friendly get-together. Most of the people going are mariachi musicians. One of the guys has a little girl that does folklorico dancing. All the little girls are going to dance. It should be fun! And we are excited to just get out of Burque for a day. Have some fun today.....but don't drink and drive! Bottoms up! :)