Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fill-in

1. It's time for a summer BBQ.
2. Lowe's; it's not a bad place for shopping.
3. I must be happy because I'm trying to be domestic.
4. Lipgloss is the best thing I have ever known.
5. My cooking is simply sad, but I'm trying.
6. The last time I laughed really loudly was this morning when I was talking to Mandy.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner with Jas, tomorrow my plans include shopping for babies and Sunday, I want to watch Dale Jr take the checkers! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Unexpected Vacation

OK people, hold on! Yes, it is me posting again this week. I know. But the AC at work went out again. They decided that we can't do our regular bank business. We have the next few days off. Yay! Paid vacation until next week. This girl couldn't ask for anything better!

What wise things have I done since noon when I left my office? I called Zio's and ordered lunch to-go. Went to the mall. Because who doesn't want to shop? Actually I had to stop by MAC and pick up some Fix+. Trolled by DQ and picked up an Orange Julius. Then went to Zio's to get my lunch. How about that? All in under 30min.

Then I made it home just in time to watch my favorite soap.....GH! Love me some GH! I secretly wish to be rich so I can afford a wardrobe like the stars. Lately Maxi has been wearing the best clothes ever! Ever! But what was up with all the purple today? I know that purple is all the rage this season. I even had a purple blouse on today. But every scene had 2-3 characters in purple. The color is pretty, but really what was up with all the purple? Peeps do you have any idea? I wish I knew.

I also sat my rear end down and started to watch last weeks episodes of GH. I had them Tivo'ed and hadn't watched them yet. I am so into this story plot. Spinelli and Maxi are too cute! What a couple! And I can't get over the set design lately. Inspiration for the house. Lols.....are you reading this? Inspiration for my house!!!

Sonny's kids are becoming ridiculous! I can't believe how they went from toddlers to teenagers in a month. What the heck happened? Kristina is getting on my last nerve. And I really don't like this new Michael. The red head was better. Poor little Morgan reminds me of a mini mobster kid that is always getting picked on. And I feel so bad for Claudia loosing her baby. Why couldn't it have been Carly? Whatever! I am cheering for the brunettes from now on.

The Rebecca character is just strange. I miss sweet Emily. I swear. GH killed all the good characters off at once. There was Emily, Georgie, and Courtney. I'm sure I am forgetting more. But those are the ones I miss! But I know this show will continue to change. I would like to see more of the Robin story line. And Sam's. I really like Sam. I hope her and Jason get back together. I am totally a Jasam fan!

Those are the productive thoughts going through my head. I have been home for hours. Yes hours! All I have done is put on my workout shorts. Yes people I still have my work blouse on with all my jewelry. The only skirt is on the floor, my shoes are next to it, and my hair is now in a messy bun. I did manage to eat lunch.....and a chocolate bar. I think I am also PMS-ing. Just by the simple fact that I have had 3 chocolate bars today alone! And I have watched 3 episodes of GH.

Jas will be home in a bit. The doggies are sleeping. And I am ready for a nap. What a vacation! Tomorrow looks more promising. Let's hope that it is more productive than this afternoon. I'm thinking Costco. I could get all domestic and make dinner for Jas. We'll see what tomorrow brings! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bachelorette Fashion Finds

So peeps.....I did it! I watched the finale to the Bachelorette. And I'm not sure why. I haven't watched a single episode. But I think I should have. The gals at work have been going on and on about Jillian and her fashion. But I was pretty tired of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series since no one ever gets married! Ever! Except Trista and Ryan. But Jillian's style rocks! Can her stylist become my new BFF?

I am watching. Not so much for the story line, but because I love her clothes. I have no clue what is really going on. Or who she should pick. But these leaf shaped earrings. OMG! Where can I find a pair? They are big and fun. I want a pair so bad!

Then the moment that everyone is waiting for. The final rose. And I can't stop looking at this gorgeous pink dress. I will sell my new TV for that dress! Yes, that pink gown!!! I want it so bad. Yet, I have no clue...absolutely no clue where to find it. I would actually get married in it. Forget about the white dresses that I have been looking at. I want THIS pink one!

Wouldn't you know it. The season that I don't watch happens to be the most stylish! I could kick myself. But I think it was a blessing. Because I could just see myself falling in love with all of Jillian's clothes and jewelry. Had this been a few years ago.....I would have nominated myself to be the next Bachelorette. Just for the clothes, shoes, and jewelry! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Can't the Guy catch a Break???

It's been a tough weekend for Dale Jr. The poor guy was sick as hell. But he qualified well. He qualified P3. It was looking like the team was making a turn for the better. In fact, today he was running good. Sitting in the top 10. Then at lap 127 he blew up. He didn't blow up, the engine in the AMP #88 blew up! Ended the day with a DNF. In P36. Yes, a DNF. Can't the guy catch a break?

In better news, JJ won the race. Super G kicked some butt and went from qualifying P22 to finishing the race P9. Yes, I lost the bet with Lola. But that's OK. I just want to have lunch with my friend. And Mark "The Kid" Martin ended his day in P2. I secretly wanted him to win after Jr's day was over. What can I say? But it was a pretty good day overall for the HMS camp. Racing Gods send Jr some luck. Pretty please! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Disappearing Blog

My big bro called me earlier. Wondering what the heck has happened to my blog. I have no clue! Bro talk to me. Heck I didn't even know you read my blog regularly! I guess not all of my posts are showing up. I don't know where to begin to fix this. Stay tuned and I will try to find out. Big bro, don't fret. I will fix my blog! :)

Tweet Tweet

I’m part of twitterland (as Lola calls it!) The tweepies are awesome! Lola convinced me to join when we talked the other day. I have been reading the NASCAR tweepies for a while now. They are funny.....and a nice way to look into their world. But I never thought of joining until now! Twitter is another way for me to try and keep in touch with my gal! I think it is addictive. It could be a bad thing. But I really, really, really like it! If you want to follow me, just take a look at my page. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fill-in

1. Exploding nail polish is not the end of the world.
2. Sitting here, listening to the sound of rain falling, I want to go to sleep. (Rain=good sleep!)
3. Chocolate cake tastes so good!
4. Sometimes, putting others first is really hard.
5. Jemez Springs is breathtaking, really.
6. Well, maybe there is more time to sleep this morning.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the big family dinner, tomorrow my plans include doing laundry and Sunday, I want to eat dinner outside!

Life is simple this week! Jas and I are going to a big family dinner tonight. EXCITED! Yes I am! My mom's enchiladas, Jas' mom's tortillas, sissy's cake, Ang's rice, and family time. I cannot wait! I don't have to work today. They are fixing the AC in our building. Yay! I might go to the mall. I want to look for some more "work" clothes. But I should really do some laundry. All of our clothes are dirty. No, seriously they are. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She Did It Again!!!

My little sis is preggers again! I am so excited. So I was told to wait a few days before I blogged about it. Sis I waited! I know mom and dad know I figure that everyone else knows too!

My sis and I met for brunch over the weekend. And she gave me the wonderful news. They are about 6 weeks preggers. Isn't that exciting? She is showing a lot sooner too! I had been wondering why in the world she had been sporting a jacket in the middle of summer. They are cute.....but it has been seriously hot outside! My little sis was just trying to hide the added pounds.

My precious goddaughter isn't even 9 months old yet! But my little sister and her man are the best parents ever! And they had been trying for another little one. I hadn't even known that. Little Sis, why didn't you tell me? But I am so excited about another little one!

Our family is just growing and growing! My big bro will have a little one at the beginning of February, my little sis is due on St. Patty's day! For those of you and Jas are not ready to start having babies of our own yet. Give us some time. Let us get married and then we'll talk. We love kids.....but we also love our life just the way it is. Congrats to my little sis and her ever growing family! :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New MAC Website

I really don't like the new MAC website. It is not as streamline or user friendly as the old site. I am really not happy about it either! I like to go dream at their website. But now I am just frustrated. How can shopping be fun if I can't stand the website? I am apparently not alone. Lots of MACaholics are not happy either! MAC are you listening? Change your website! Make us happy again! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fill-in

1. Hamburger Helper and salad in a bag make a quick and easy dinner. (Fast, not healthy!)
2. The Guy Not Taken is the book I'm reading right now. (Moni gave it to me!)
3. July brings back memories of the ice cream man and swimming as a kid. (The life!)
4. Enzo was obvious. (When it comes to Lola!)
5. They say if you tell your dreams they don't come true.
6. When I have a rude client, I need time to think it over. (They don't realize who aproves the loans!)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner at home, tomorrow my plans include watching a few baseball games and Sunday, I want to go eat brunch!

Enzo came to Burque for a visit. He is obvious! He misses Lola. In another life, would they have been together? IDK Lola has been MIA. I only know what's going on in her life because of her blog. I miss her too! I think we have finally settled on a date for the wedding. Jas will miss some baseball.....I will miss the All-Star race. But we will have each other! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy News

My big bro and I had lunch today. I felt like I was a teenager who's cool big bro was coming to pick me up from school. All the gals that I work with were excited to see him. My brother is just one of those cool guys. He has a swagger all of his own. It was a sudden lunch date with one of my favorite guys.

We ended up at Carrusso's.....our favorite italian place. It was nice to just sit and chat again. We hadn't done that in a while. He just seemed really happy. And then the big #3 is on the way!!! I was really excited. So much so that I squealed like a school girl. And dropped his iced tea. But I am going to be an auntie around February 4th.

My big bro and sis-in-law had a dinner for my parents and my sis-in-laws parents last night. All 4 grandparents are over the moon. The kids have known since Wednesday and have done a good job keeping the secret. But my big bro wanted to tell me. I felt really special. After that, I couldn't let him buy my lunch. But he wasn't having it. He paid for it anyway. So I bought him ice cream! I convinced him to take me to BR on the way back to work. We celebrated the good news over banana splits. That I bought!

Little sis found out later this afternoon. Our big bro stopped by to help her with her fan. It was falling off the ceiling! She was excited and almost immediately called me to tell me! It is a wonderful day. We all know that they wanted more kids. But they were having some problems getting preggers. My niece and nephew had been blessings.....thanks to modern medicine they came rather quickly. So this news was more than welcomed!

And to our surprise, Jas and I got 4.2 visitors ealier tonight. haha Baring a BR ice cream cake no less! They asked me and Jas to be the baby's godparents. We are so excited!!! Jas is already trolling the Baby-R-Us website for a crib and cradle. Hold on there.....we have until Feb! Congrats big bro and your family! You deserve all the wonderful things that life has to offer! :)