Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She Did It Again!!!

My little sis is preggers again! I am so excited. So I was told to wait a few days before I blogged about it. Sis I waited! I know mom and dad know now.....so I figure that everyone else knows too!

My sis and I met for brunch over the weekend. And she gave me the wonderful news. They are about 6 weeks preggers. Isn't that exciting? She is showing a lot sooner too! I had been wondering why in the world she had been sporting a jacket in the middle of summer. They are cute.....but it has been seriously hot outside! My little sis was just trying to hide the added pounds.

My precious goddaughter isn't even 9 months old yet! But my little sister and her man are the best parents ever! And they had been trying for another little one. I hadn't even known that. Little Sis, why didn't you tell me? But I am so excited about another little one!

Our family is just growing and growing! My big bro will have a little one at the beginning of February, my little sis is due on St. Patty's day! For those of you wondering.....me and Jas are not ready to start having babies of our own yet. Give us some time. Let us get married and then we'll talk. We love kids.....but we also love our life just the way it is. Congrats to my little sis and her ever growing family! :)