Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy News

My big bro and I had lunch today. I felt like I was a teenager who's cool big bro was coming to pick me up from school. All the gals that I work with were excited to see him. My brother is just one of those cool guys. He has a swagger all of his own. It was a sudden lunch date with one of my favorite guys.

We ended up at Carrusso's.....our favorite italian place. It was nice to just sit and chat again. We hadn't done that in a while. He just seemed really happy. And then the big #3 is on the way!!! I was really excited. So much so that I squealed like a school girl. And dropped his iced tea. But I am going to be an auntie around February 4th.

My big bro and sis-in-law had a dinner for my parents and my sis-in-laws parents last night. All 4 grandparents are over the moon. The kids have known since Wednesday and have done a good job keeping the secret. But my big bro wanted to tell me. I felt really special. After that, I couldn't let him buy my lunch. But he wasn't having it. He paid for it anyway. So I bought him ice cream! I convinced him to take me to BR on the way back to work. We celebrated the good news over banana splits. That I bought!

Little sis found out later this afternoon. Our big bro stopped by to help her with her fan. It was falling off the ceiling! She was excited and almost immediately called me to tell me! It is a wonderful day. We all know that they wanted more kids. But they were having some problems getting preggers. My niece and nephew had been blessings.....thanks to modern medicine they came rather quickly. So this news was more than welcomed!

And to our surprise, Jas and I got 4.2 visitors ealier tonight. haha Baring a BR ice cream cake no less! They asked me and Jas to be the baby's godparents. We are so excited!!! Jas is already trolling the Baby-R-Us website for a crib and cradle. Hold on there.....we have until Feb! Congrats big bro and your family! You deserve all the wonderful things that life has to offer! :)