Saturday, May 24, 2008

We're Moving!!!

Today is the day we start moving! Jas and I are really excited. We have been packing for 3 days now! And we hope to be totally moved into our new house by Sunday. Lots of family and friends are going to help the 2 of us move tomorrow. But we took today and Monday off. We are starting early.
It really shouldn't be that bad. We aren't moving terribly far. And we aren't taking much of our furniture. Jas and I decided to either give it away.....and sell some of it. We sold 2 large pieces. Most of the other stuff got split between my little sis, my cousin, and his little sis. It is nice to pass our "hand-me-down" furniture to the next souls.
Today is all about the doggies. We are moving 4 dogs and need to prepthe house and the yard. I'm guessing they will be in the new house by dinner time. My dad and pop (Jas' dad) built us 2 large dog houses for the yard. We have a good fence in the back. But we are going to make a smaller area for the dogs. You know, for when people come over to visit. We also have to put in some doggie doors! Let's see how handy I can be.
Peeps I got to go! Jas is ready for breakfast. We are going to Denny's. Then on to our house!!! We got to make it safe for our babies and our first night in "Our House!" :)