Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Addiction to MAC

Since September 13, 2007 MAC has had a free standing store here. It was a fabulous day! Don't get me wrong, I like shopping at Dillard's. But this is a free standing MAC store! Peeps I luv the place! It is like a candy store for women. No lie! Now 8 months later, it pains me to pass by and not stop. But I am restraining. Jas and I have set our wedding date.....and we only have 11 months to save up. We also just got a house. MAC has pretty much been off limits for the last year. With a few exceptions.....
For the grand opening, my mom took me, my little sis, and my sis-in-law. Mom really spoiled us. It was dad's treat! She bought each one of us $250 worth of makeup and brushes!!! Thanks mom and dad! Why? I really don't know. But they did it. It was a gift for being dad's gals. Mom also bought herself the entire brush line and some makeup. Can you tell where I get it from? haha It's not like my parents are rich or anything. It was just a splurge for us girlies. Something that I know they had saved up for.
For Christmas, my sis and I decided to take each other shopping for our gifts. We treated each other to a couple of things at MAC. OK, so it was like buying our own makeup. But we had so much fun! My big bro even managed to buy me 3 lipglosses for Christmas. Luv ya bro!
Then Jas spoiled me with some MAC treats for Valentine's day! Yes, he did! That man is definitely a keeper! He got me 2 eyeshadow brushes that I have been wanting, 1 blush brush, 2 lipsticks, 2 lipglosses, 2 blushes, 3 eyeshadows and 4 pigments! I could not believe it! So much better than roses! I got him some new golf clubs that he wanted.
But I had still not really shopped for myself. MAC I luv you! But why can't I shop at your gorgeous store? I've only been there 2X's since it opened 8 months ago! I don't know.....but I hadn't been able to do some shopping for myself. And I was kinda sad about that. I love that I have gotten MAC as gifts, but I had not shopped for myself. Tonight peeps, my man did it again! After dinner, we took a small trip to Uptown. We were supposed to be looking for something for Jas. All of a sudden, we were in the beautiful MAC store.
I think Jas realized that the MAC store is really important to me. As important as his golf. We went in, and the man was amazing! He bought me 2 eyeshadow pallets, 3 eyeshadows (Brule, Naked Lunch, and Beauty Marked) 2 lipglosses (Underage and Viva Glam) and 1 blush (Dollface)! It was just fun to get to shop. To buy what I wanted because we could. I played and played and played some more. Then I happily left MAC with the beautiful black bag in one hand and Jas' hand in the other! :)