Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mom's Day

It's Mother's Day! Happy day mom!!! My mom is the best. Really she is! I love her for everything she has every done for me. There are times when I wonder how I have made it through life. Then I remember my mom was there beside me.
When I was little, I wanted to be just like her. I would sit on the floor and watch her put her makeup on. I always wanted to put lipstick on! And once in a while, she would surprise me. I would get just a hint of pink lipstick. I thought I was so special. Especially when I got to play in her heels!
As I grew, it was more of the unnoticed things that I wanted to do. The way mom always makes a special breakfast on Saturday mornings. Or leaves little notes for dad in his truck. And the way she has always made me, big bro, and little sis feel so special.
I love my mom so much. I hope she realizes just how much I love her. I tell her all the time.....but I really mean it in the deepest part of my heart. Mom you are the best mom anyone in the world could dream of! :)