Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Unexpected Vacation

OK people, hold on! Yes, it is me posting again this week. I know. But the AC at work went out again. They decided that we can't do our regular bank business. We have the next few days off. Yay! Paid vacation until next week. This girl couldn't ask for anything better!

What wise things have I done since noon when I left my office? I called Zio's and ordered lunch to-go. Went to the mall. Because who doesn't want to shop? Actually I had to stop by MAC and pick up some Fix+. Trolled by DQ and picked up an Orange Julius. Then went to Zio's to get my lunch. How about that? All in under 30min.

Then I made it home just in time to watch my favorite soap.....GH! Love me some GH! I secretly wish to be rich so I can afford a wardrobe like the stars. Lately Maxi has been wearing the best clothes ever! Ever! But what was up with all the purple today? I know that purple is all the rage this season. I even had a purple blouse on today. But every scene had 2-3 characters in purple. The color is pretty, but really what was up with all the purple? Peeps do you have any idea? I wish I knew.

I also sat my rear end down and started to watch last weeks episodes of GH. I had them Tivo'ed and hadn't watched them yet. I am so into this story plot. Spinelli and Maxi are too cute! What a couple! And I can't get over the set design lately. Inspiration for the house. Lols.....are you reading this? Inspiration for my house!!!

Sonny's kids are becoming ridiculous! I can't believe how they went from toddlers to teenagers in a month. What the heck happened? Kristina is getting on my last nerve. And I really don't like this new Michael. The red head was better. Poor little Morgan reminds me of a mini mobster kid that is always getting picked on. And I feel so bad for Claudia loosing her baby. Why couldn't it have been Carly? Whatever! I am cheering for the brunettes from now on.

The Rebecca character is just strange. I miss sweet Emily. I swear. GH killed all the good characters off at once. There was Emily, Georgie, and Courtney. I'm sure I am forgetting more. But those are the ones I miss! But I know this show will continue to change. I would like to see more of the Robin story line. And Sam's. I really like Sam. I hope her and Jason get back together. I am totally a Jasam fan!

Those are the productive thoughts going through my head. I have been home for hours. Yes hours! All I have done is put on my workout shorts. Yes people I still have my work blouse on with all my jewelry. The only skirt is on the floor, my shoes are next to it, and my hair is now in a messy bun. I did manage to eat lunch.....and a chocolate bar. I think I am also PMS-ing. Just by the simple fact that I have had 3 chocolate bars today alone! And I have watched 3 episodes of GH.

Jas will be home in a bit. The doggies are sleeping. And I am ready for a nap. What a vacation! Tomorrow looks more promising. Let's hope that it is more productive than this afternoon. I'm thinking Costco. I could get all domestic and make dinner for Jas. We'll see what tomorrow brings! :)