Thursday, January 22, 2009


Lipstick Jungle is a show that I love beyond words. Luv this show! Lola first told me about it. She raved about it.....and I just had to watch it! The characters are incredible. There has to be something said for the network shows that are made for women. This was one of those shows. To the point that the gal pals and I would get together to watch it. We would do the whole dinner and drinks at someone's house. The whole works. A few times we gave each other mani-pedis while watching.
This was that kind of show. There are not many out there that are made for women. But this one was! Now peeps, it is cancelled! How could NBC do that? There are all kinds of unanswered questions. All kinds of things that will never be answered. And my Friday nights will never be the same.
Do networks actually look at their audience when making these decisions? There have been so many good shows that have been cancelled lately. Hello peeps! The writers strike. You need to give people some time to come back to their regular TV watching. I think I am going to boycott my NBC tv watching now! :)